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07 March 2018 @ 01:53 pm
Thank You Yuzuru, You Broke My Curse  
Remember? How earlier last year I've returned to anime and manga fandom, so apparently aside from those both fandom, I also got a  new person to stan.
Since I had so many anime to catch up to, ofc I started from the mainstream one like attack on titan, bnha, free, haikyuu and yuri on ice.
Most of sport animes that I follow, if they left behind such a deep impression in me, I'll definitely check out the real competition and I've checked volleyball, baseball and figure skating.

Figure skating is very intriguing. I mean that was not my first time watching FS, I've watched some ice dance program by Meryl Davis and Charlie White due to their program choreographed by Derek Hough (my fave dancer and choreographer), but May last year probably my first time watching single men program.
The video I found first was Yuzuru Hanyu SP Sochi Olyms, which is the epic one right? It's the first SP score that went over 100pts
I was totally enthralled with his performance, it's really captivating, he's commanding the ice. 
My second video was Hope and Legacy in Worlds which is current free program WR. Another awe inspiring program with Joe Hisaishi's music. I couldn't be more in love than this. My lack of vocabulary just can't do his performance justice. And to these day, H&L performance is one of his perf that I played the most. So I've been following him since then.

I was kind of worried when he was injured whether he will make it back on time for olympics. Then he finally arrived in Korea, and eventhough I've seen him practice and doing jumps. I was practically holding my breath with every jumps he took during SP.  Even through TV you could feel the audience's atmosphere, I feel like they were also holding their breath like I did. But he did make a strong comeback in SP, eventhough I feel like he's very carefull with his perf. Aside from his injury I was also worried because, I don't know if this is my curse, but all of the athletes that I ever cheered on, be it badminton, basketball, soccer, etc, all of them never win when I watched their competition, so I was scared, what if he lost because I watched him compete. What if he couldn't get the gold medal. I know it's irrational but it would ingrained in your mind, if it happened all the time. But he just went there and broke my curse and got his second olym gold medal!! LOL

Just like what he said in one of the interview, his life could be a manga/anime plot which was written very well. I know the moment he got his gold medals, japanese will really LOVE this kind of story. For me, I'm just happy I got to know him in time to witness his achievement in Olympics. I hope I could still watch him skate for several years and hopefully in person.