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22 January 2018 @ 06:54 pm
Nice Reminder  
So, it's been so long after my last post. I've been up and about in arashi's fandom, busy with subbing and managing communities.
Though lately I've been behind in watching their shows. Apart from very busy with works, I'm also currently quite active following anime and manga. Because I'm not good with juggling multi interests, there'll be time when I'll only focus on solely one interest. This is why, now I'm quite neglecting arashi.

And then recently, I was reminded again, why I took hiatus from arashi's fandom in the first place. Not because of arashi, but because of their fans, sometimes I stumbled upon not-so-nice fans, and I'll be hurt all over again. If I'm in a stronger state of mind, I'll just brush it off as a joke, I'll laugh it off. But sometimes, like yesterday, when I was stressed out about works, and also having pms, I'll break down and feel like run away from arashi's fandom. Hopefully I could shake off this feeling soon enough, honestly I don't want to take a break from Arashi's fandom again, especially since I'm lucky to be in their fc this year. Eventhough, didn't success for concert ballot. Don't want to ruin this momentum, especially we're almost at their 20th anniversary. Come on cheer up self, don't let them get you down, kay?!