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01 January 2013 @ 11:36 am
2012 Reflection  
Dear all,

It's the beginning of a new day, of a new life.

Okay, not really new life cause I found I still in this state of life. Nothing new or exciting happening.
So, what did I do for the whole 2012?

First of all, I joined Avian flu survey which giving me so many new experience. I met so many new people and learnt how to deal with them. They're not all nice and compromised, mind you.
And then of course I fulfilled one of my (only two) 2012's resolution, which is get a steady and reguler job. It's not a lavish and a big one but I like what I do, I'm happy to meet new people which I really like tremendously (see, even I put 'like' and 'tremendously' together). They are my new family.
2012 also my turning point year in arashi fandom. I gradually distanced myself from their exposure though I still download their regular show. I'm indulging myself in my reading hobby again. You will be surprised to count how many books I've read for the last three months. I even surprised myself. Haha!!

All in all, 2012 is a pretty good year for me, I went through some emotional struggle with some matters. It's really still hard to deal with my emotional problem of this one matter. But I think I can live with it and make it one of my 2013 resolution.

Which bring me to :
2013 Resolutions (I'll try make more specific and more advanced goals this year. I'm ashamed about how crude last year resolution was. LOL)
1. Nearer to God. I want to fix my praying habit.
2. Finding new job. (I'm hoping for PNS)
3. I want to be married by 2014/2015 so I need to find my man. Soon.
4. Go to Coldplay's concert.
5. Finish 200 novels for a year.
6. Saving my money so I can go to Arashi's concert (HA?! You bet! This is my unfulfilled last year resolution which I feel the need to put it again tho I don't think I can save money.)

Okay, it's quite nice resolution this year. At least I have six instead of two. Let's pray for the best this year. Amin.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Credit title music of LOTR from TV next to my laptop