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17 June 2012 @ 11:34 pm
Who's turning 29th? Naah he's turning 17th again!!  

Lazy to make another banner, so I use the one I made for ANM LOL

Happy birthday Kazuuuuuu!!!
You turned to 17th again for 13th times this year ;D
Sorry for a late birthday post, but I still have 30 minutes until 17 June over in my time zone.

Please stay health and strong Kazu!
Just stay as you are

I'll list things that I love about Ninomiya kazunari

His acting
His voice
His piano-playing
His guitar-playing
His song-cover
His narration
His smirks
His laughs
His remarks
His mumbles
His so photogenic-face
His brown eyes
His cute hamburger hands
His lips
His cute hand-waving/peace sign-waving
His deep and meaningful interview in MORE magazine
The way he mess around during concert with Sho-chan
The way he always cares about Jun and helps him a lot if got cornered
The way he cuddles to Ohno a lot
The way he got bullied with Aiba sometimes
The way he bullied STBY-san on radio
The way he always talked funny about his mom and sister in game nikki
The way he remembered all Gantz staffs' name which impressed Yoshitaka Yuriko


Today, on waku waku gakkou, there were letters from Kazuko mama to Kazu.
We finally knew how hard Kazu's condition after being born to this world. With so many complicated sickness. And often in and out hospital T^T
I'm so glad you're still alive and being healthy like now! Only sometimes too hard on yourself and hurt, and make us worry!
Little Nino was such a cute kid, he can't go to sleep if not rubbing his mom's ear. Just how cute you want to be!??!
Argh so many things I want to say after reading Nino's mom 手紙
All in all, 和子ママ、ニノ生んでくれてありがとう!!

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tytapininotan on June 18th, 2012 01:01 am (UTC)
head over heels after Nino you there XD


Love ur letter entry XD